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St. Anne is located in Hanmer, Ontario and serves JK to Grade 8 students in the Hanmer area with both Regular and French Immersion programs. Hanmer is located within the City of Greater Sudbury. 

Mission Statement:

St. Anne Catholic School is an open, friendly and welcoming school where we live our Christian faith in words as well as deeds.

We provide a safe haven for our children, instilling a sense of pride and respect for themselves, others, and for their environment. Our children are continuously encouraged to strive to achieve their own personal potential in every aspect of their spiritual, academic, social and physical growth.

St. Anne Catholic Elementary School History

St. Anne School, 539 Francis Street, Hanmer, was opened for use in January of 1963. It was built by the Capreol and Hanmer Separate School Board for English Language students after a lengthy campaign by families and the parish of St. Kevin’s.

The original building consisted of eight classrooms, six of them filled at that time.

The second stage was built in 1967 and consisted of four additional classrooms and a library.

The third stage was constructed in 1971 and comprised the 1993 version of St. Anne’s, with a new library, large full-sized gym, and several classrooms.

The population of St. Anne’s in January 1993 was 648 students, consisting of 27 total classrooms, including 2 portables holding 12 French Immersion classes and 15 regular or English program classes.

St. Anne School (JK - grade 6) moved to its present location on St. Michel Street in 2003. The students in grades 7 and 8 remained at the Francis Street location along with students attending the new Catholic High School - Bishop Alexander Carter Catholic Secondary School, which was built at the St. Anne site. Grade 8 St. Anne students remained at the Bishop site for the school year 2004-2005. By the fall of 2005, all St. Anne students were at the St. Michel site.

Principals from 1963 to present:

Mrs. Monica Murdock
Mr. Edward Hinka
Mrs. Madeline Labine
Mr. Emile Zamiska
Mr. James Griffin
Mr. Paul Mailloux
Mrs. Lucie Lapalme-Cullen
Mrs. Cara Soehner
Mr. Guy Mathieu

Official Opening, 1971

Official Opening Program

Original Floor Plan (from Opening Program)


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